March 28, 2017

Baby Jack – Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

Oh this little man was a dream, he did SO incredibly well for me! I love me some sleepy babies!

Summer is nearing!!

I can feel it, summer isn’t far off! With the time change, its lighter longer. The weather is starting to shape up and we can actually spend time outside. We can do photo sessions outdoors without jackets, gloves, hats, crying/cold children!! I cannot wait for spring and summer to get here, we got a nice […]

Brand New Brooklyn (Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer)

Such a gorgeous little girl… and oh so sweet! Brooklyn was a joy to photograph, loved this session!

KimKenna – 5 days new (Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer)

One of my best friends, Gaby, just delivered her third daughter, McKenna. She picked a great day to be born… my birthday! So McKenna’s daddy came up with the nickname of KimKenna…. since we will forever share the same birthday. I thought it was cleaver and pretty cute! Especially since I was there photographing her […]

Elena – 6 months old (Colorado Springs Portrait Photographer)

It’s not often I sit a baby down to photograph them and they are smiley and happy from the start! But I sure do love when that happens! I can always depend on Elena smiling for me, she’s got to be one of the happiest (and cutest!) babies I’ve photographed. Sure makes my life a […]

Kendahl – 3 months old (Colorado Springs Portrait Photographer)

You may remember Kendahl from her newborn session. She sure has grown since then! She’s gained so much chub its beyond adorable… love baby rolls! And when else are rolls cute on a girl in life?!

The Reyes Family (Colorado Springs Portrait Photographer)

Amanda, Lenee and Britney were so much fun, and you can totally tell from their session! Amanda wanted funky, graffiti wall type pictures and I think we did a good job making that happen! Britney didn’t want to let go of her Dora book, but that’s okay …  it captures the moment! Lenee is a […]

Seniors: Colby and Becca

Colby and Becca were so much fun to work with… we didn’t have a location in mind, I met them at Colby’s house and we just jumped in the car and drove around… very spontaneous and we found lots of neat little places to take pictures! They are so cute together, so in love… and […]

R-O-W-D-Y Spells a Perfect Grand Lake Wedding for Emily and Neil.

The love of family and friends can equal an amazing energy and spirit of fun. Please click the photo or follow the link to view Emily and Neil’s rowdy and fun wedding in Grand Lake, CO. 16 hours of photography, lots of laughter, and a lifetime of memories later, I give you: The Rowdiest Wedding […]

Adorable Gabi

Sweet sweet Gabi… what an adorable little girl! I must say she is one of my all time favorite babys to shoot. I was in an out of her house in 40minutes… and I got the cutest shots. She was super happy, laughing, cooing, smiling, eye contact! It doesn’t get much better than that… and […]